Autism and the Stress Effect by Dr. Theresa Hamlin

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Presenting a revolutionary lifestyle approach for the whole family, this step-by-step guide will help you to reduce your child's stress and anxiety levels by regulating their environment, eating and nutrition, energy, and encouraging emotional self-regulation.

Children with autism often experience very high stress levels in learning and social environments, which can exacerbate problem behaviors and damage their physical and emotional health. This book demonstrates that lowering stress levels through regulating a child's experiences and environments, and giving them the tools to cope when stressful situations are unavoidable, can make a huge and very positive difference to their behavior, physical health, socialisation and happiness.

Brimming with exercises, recipes, tips and real-life examples, this warm and supportive guide will help you transform the life of your child with autism and benefit the whole family.

Theresa Hamlin

Theresa Hamlin, Ed.D. is the Associate Executive Director at The Center for Discovery, a New York State designated Center of Excellence for children and adults with complex conditions, including autism spectrum disorders, medical frailty and other rare disorders.