Just Add Beer Sauce & Marinade Mix - Szechuan Black Vinegar

Just Add Beer Sauce & Marinade Mix - Szechuan Black Vinegar

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Szechuan Black Vinegar is spicy and warm with Szechuan peppercorn, shallots, black vinegar and Chinese Five Spice. Just add any beer to make glazed pork chops for entertaining, a delicious side dish of brussells or cowboy beans over the fire on a camping trip.

Mixing this sauce with Ambers, Wheats, Saisons and Sours makes for next level goodness.


About Just Add Beer


Beer is in its wildest state of existence in history.
What was once a small handful of ingredients used to create a few types of brews is now a raging flavor bomb:

With Sour Ales using tropical guava, to IPAs adding oysters for tastes of the sea and Stouts with succulent mouth feels and finishes of coffee, maple and pine — a new culinary ingredient has been born.

So we set out to harness the magic of cooking with beers old and new and created Just Add Beer Sauce & Marinade Mix™ — the only sauce made to mix with the flavors in beer to create unique, mouth-watering snacks, meals and BBQ.

Our sauces are all naturalvegan, with gluten-free options and made with umami-rich ingredients that combine with the sour-acidity and complexity of beer to make a dip for the big game, a marinade for a backyard BBQ or a sauce for a fast 15-minute meal after a weeknight workout.


U.M.A.M.I., LLC, the creators of Just Add Beer Sauce & Marinade Mix™, is a fast moving consumer goods company focused on creating high-quality food products that break new ground across categories, genders and cultures. Founded in 2017 by four friends, the company was born out of their shared passion for ingenuity and the human connections created by food.