A black card with a text:" HIP, HIP HOORAY! CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW HARDWARE" and an illustration of a hip bone. Comes with a blue envelope.

Hip Replacement Card

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Let's face it, our joints wear out. After all the pain and misery of the surgery celebrate your new hardware with our hip-hip hooray joint replacement card.

Public School Paper Co.

We're Christina & Rochelle - two sisters who grew up in the back rooms of our parents' office supply store. The business began in 2007 when Christina opened her self-named Etsy shop. In 2015, we exhibited at a DIY Festival in Salt Lake City. We joined forces for that show, and have worked together ever since! In 2017, we decided that it was time for a change, which meant a rebrand, among other things. So here we are as Public School Paper Co. All of our designs are hand-drawn and printed in the USA.