A colorful postcards with illustrations of things representing the state of New York.

New York Post Card

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There's nothing like the hustle and bustle of NYC! We know you'll think of lots of ways to use these bright, cheerful post cards. They're the perfect way to commemorate that girls' trip to the city; or send them to your brother who's just taken a new job there. They also make great shower or party invitations for a NYC-themed bash! Size: 4" x 6". Address lines and message space on back. Set of 10 postcards. Designed & Printed in the USA.

Public School Paper Co.

We're Christina & Rochelle - two sisters who grew up in the back rooms of our parents' office supply store. The business began in 2007 when Christina opened her self-named Etsy shop. In 2015, we exhibited at a DIY Festival in Salt Lake City. We joined forces for that show, and have worked together ever since! In 2017, we decided that it was time for a change, which meant a rebrand, among other things. So here we are as Public School Paper Co. All of our designs are hand-drawn and printed in the USA.